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Theft / Fraud / Property

Theft is the unlawful taking of property from another person without his consent.  Fraud generally involves a plan on the part of someone to take property (money, etc) from another person through unethical of illegal pretences, methods or business practices.  Property offences also include receiving or trafficking in stolen property; VIN tampering of vehicles; theft from employers; credit or debit card skimming; and other means of defrauding the public.

Where the offence involves a breach of trust (e.g. theft from employer) or the dollar value of stolen or defrauded property is high, the Prosecution is likely to ask for jail time.

In addition to any criminal penalty imposed by the Courts (e.g. jail), property offences such as theft and fraud are considered ‘crimes of dishonesty’ and convictions for these types of offences can result in loss of employment and have devastating effects on your ability to secure certain types of employment or education opportunities in the future.   If you’ve been charged with theft, fraud, or other property – related offences, you need the assistance of an experienced Criminal Defence Lawyer.

As a former prosecutor, with over 12 years of experience, and a solid track record of success, you can trust Ms. Funk to use her experience and skill to mount a powerful defence on your behalf.

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