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Homicide is the most serious offence in Canada. The term ‘homicide’ is used to describe a variety of offences, including manslaughter and first and second degree murder. A conviction for first degree murder carries an automatic life sentence in jail – the stakes could not be higher.

Because of the seriousness of the offence, anyone charged with homicide has likely been the target of a long and complex police investigation – often involving search warrants, wiretaps, long-term surveillance, and “Mr. Big” operations involving numerous undercover police officers. These investigations are often carried out over several months and can involve police officers from different cities and provinces across Canada.

Homicide trials often take several weeks to complete and in the case of first degree murder, most often include a jury. In Calgary, it is common for a team of prosecutors to conduct homicide trials, and they have likely devoted months of their time in preparation for the trial.

Defending a person charged with homicide involves intense preparation and thorough review of the Crown’s evidence – which can include thousands of documents; hundreds of exhibits; dozens of witnesses, including expert witnesses testifying about DNA, fingerprint analysis, and ballistics; and the medical examiner (coroner).

If you’ve been charged with a homicide in Calgary, the need for an experienced homicide lawyer could not be greater. You need a lawyer with the experience and skill to do the painstaking work of preparing your case and exploring every possible defence.

As a former prosecutor, with over 12 years of experience, and a solid track record of success you can trust Ms. Funk to use her experience and skill to mount a powerful defence on your behalf.

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