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Assault / Violence

Assault offences cover a wide range of actions, including uttering threats; shoving or pushing someone; hitting someone; assault with a weapon; assault causing bodily harm; domestic assault; sexual assault; and more.  Given the wide range of actions included in these types of offences, the penalties for conviction can range from a fine, to probation, to years in jail. 

Canadian Criminal law is cracking down on crimes of violence, imposing stiffer penalties and longer jail sentences for persons convicted of assault and other crimes of violence.   Recent changes to the Criminal Code now include mandatory minimum jail sentences for certain assault offences. 

In addition to any criminal penalties (ie jail), if you’ve been convicted of an assault or other crime of violence, you may be required to give a sample of your DNA.  If convicted of a sexual assault, you may also have to register for the national Sex Offender registry.

If you’ve been charged with assault or some other violent offence, having an experience criminal defence lawyer in your corner is one of the most important decisions you will have to make.

As a former prosecutor, with over 12 years of experience, and a solid track record of success you can trust Ms. Funk to use her experience and skill to mount a powerful defence on your behalf. 

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