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“One of the things I’ve learned in 15 years of practicing criminal law is no one is immune from the possibility of criminal allegations:  you, a loved one, a family member, or a friend could easily find yourself with the finger of blame pointed at you. When this happens, you will feel the entire weight of the State pressing down on you: the police; the Prosecution; the entire Court system. Within that system, your defence lawyer will be the only person in your corner; your lawyer will be the only person advocating for your innocence; your lawyer will be the only one fighting for your legally guaranteed rights and scrutinizing every piece of evidence the State intends to use against you. No lawyer can guarantee the result you want in Court; but your lawyer can guarantee you will have an opportunity to be heard and you will get a fair trial.

My role is to defend my clients within the full limits of the law; to scrutinize every aspect of the cases against them; to explore all legally available defences; and to work hard towards the best possible results in law. My role is to be the one person standing between my clients and the full weight of the State.”

Serving Clients in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba & British Columbia

Ms. Funk practices in Calgary, but also represents clients throughout Alberta, such as Canmore, Banff, Brooks, Medicine Hat and Fort McMurray, as well as in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia.

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