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Federal Government Reveals Plans to Legalize Pot

Later this week, the Federal Government will reveal its much-anticipated pot legislation – the first step towards legalizing the possession and sale of marihuana in Canada.

With the final laws still to be determined, it appears the Government plans to legalize possession of marihuana, up to a weight of 30 grams; and to allow individual households to grow up to 4 plants. Other details expected in the proposed plan include:

  • Introducing penalties for selling cannabis products to minors (the age for legal possession is expected to be 18 years of age, with the individual Provinces being able to raise that age);
  • Introducing penalties for driving under the influence of marihuana;
  • Determining the legal limit for driving after consuming cannabis products (similar to the ‘over 80’ limit for alcohol);
  • Setting rules limiting how cannabis products are marketed – similar to the ways in which the marketing of tobacco and alcohol are limited;
  • Using some of the profits from legal pot sales to fund public awareness and education campaigns; and
  • Approving some type of roadside saliva tests, to enable police officers to determine the presence of cannabis in drivers.

At the present time, there is no roadside screening or detecting device for police to use in Canada to detect the presence of cannabis in drivers. As part of the new legalization of pot, the police will need the ability to determine the presence of pot, and the levels of cannabis present, in drivers immediately on the side of the road – similar to a ‘check stop’ program – without having to take the time of obtaining blood samples and waiting for lab test results.

For now the possession, production and sale of marihuana in Canada remains illegal. The Federal Government hopes to have the new laws in place by July 1, 2018.

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